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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 20, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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there's work to be done. it's not going to be easy but there's grit inside of you. and if you need extra motivation the grad fund at strayer university can help push you forward. because up to your last year of classes could be on us. that's right. on us. today is the day. strayer university. let's get it, america. good afternoon and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. hurricane maria came ashore in puerto rico this morning as a category 4 hurricane with winds of 155 her. puerto rico's governor is telling residents to stay calm, even a
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of the strongest to ever hit the island. maria is already blamed for nine deaths in the caribbean. david begnaud filed this report from san juan this morning just as the storm hit. >>reporter: the building about 100 yards behind me, there are pieces of that building that have flown off and are now flying through the air like projectiles. this video was taken just outside of our hotel room, showing the force of maria's violent wins. it was enough for the hotel to order guests down to the lobby level. the region was still rebounding from the last storm, irma when maria rolled in. >> we've never had any back-to- back hurricanes before. >>reporter: yolanda has been without power since hurricane irma two weeks ago. now she's in a shelter in san juan. >> i passed through hurricanes, but this one, it's going to be very hard. >>reporter: eddie and his 11- year-old daughter are riding out the storm in a hotel room. >> we are trying to do the best we can to survive. >> you ca
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well. it's wood. >>reporter: we were with puerto rico's governor when he walked the streets yesterday, personally pleading with people to evacuate to a shelter. can the island of puerto rico survive a direct hit from a category 4 or 5? >> we'll take a big hit, but our people are resilient, we're strong, we showed it after irma and we were there to help other u.s. citizens in their time of need. now we're going to need a helping hand. >>reporter: we are actually being evacuated into the hotel where we are staying. the guests are currently in an emergency stairwell and that's where we're headed right now. >> that was david begnaud reporting. puerto rico has endured four major hurricanes prior to maria making landfall this morning. just last week, as you heard, people were talking about hurricane irma. it caused widespread flooding and knocked out power to most of the island. san felipe, ii, one of the most intense hurricanes in puerto rico's history happened on september 13th, 1928. another one struck four years later on
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1932, and 66 years later hurricane george struck crossing the entire island. it was a category 3. that also hit the southeastern united states. experts say the storm produced massive storm surges in alabama and florida's panhandle which caused extensive damage across coastal communities. and i know everyone is watching where maria goes as far as the southeastern u.s. what are you seeing right now? >> right now we think it's going to stay just offshore early next week from the carolinas to the mid-atlantic. one thing about irma last week, irma was an indirect hit. they never got into the hurricane force winds in puerto rico. still knocked out 600,00 to 700,000 people without power. so it's a direct hit with this storm. and you can see as we go back in time how it went over st. croix, vieques and, boom, right through puerto rico. if there's an eye trying to reemerge, it's the north coast as it's getting back into the atlantic. it may strengthen a little bit now. it has been weakening with the interaction of puerto rico, some big hills
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i'm afraid the pictures we see later today coming out of puerto rico will not be good. 140 winds, down from 150 this morning, still a healthy category 4, 930 millibars moving northeast at 12. a hurricane warning on the north coast, hopefully the eye stays offshore, then it won't be so bad. then we have to watch out for the tushes and caicos. they got hammered by irma also, a lot of devastation there. after that the storm looks like it's going to move toward the north, and slowly weakening from perhaps a category 3 to a category 2 off the carolina coast here, we're talking monday at noon. so it looks like it's going to be potentially parallelling the coast early next week. it could get close to us. meanwhile, we're dealing with jose which is still spinning out there. and, by the way, the tropical computer models do show that turn to the northwest near turks and caicos, and then that turn up the coast. i want to take you beyond monday -- oh, really, it's going to make a right turn at long island? i
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close. jose still producing some waves off our mid-atlantic coast. we'll talk more about that coming up in about 10 minutes. in the meantime, if you don't have it, download it, it's free, the wusa 9 app, it's got all the very latest news, weather and supports for you in the palm of your hand. andrea. now to the other natural disaster, the death toll is rising in central mexico after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck tuesday. at least 225 people were killed when the strong quake collapsed dozens of buildings. the earthquake is the deadliest in mexico since the 1985 quake that killed thousands. as manuel bojorquez reports from mexico city, rescuers are conducting frantic searches for survivors. >>reporter: at least 25 students and teachers were killed when an elementary school collapsed in mexico city. all but four of them were children. mexican president enrique pena nieto visited the wreckage last night where rescue
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>> it was really violent. i've never experienced anything like that. >>reporter: u.s. citizen brittany kaiser was giving a presentation in mexico city when it struck. she and thousands of people fled to the streets as the air filled with smoke from collapsed building. >> -- from collapsed buildings. >> we could see everything moving from the street lamps to the trees, anything, like the cars that were on the streets. there are some buildings that are completely and utterly demolished. >>reporter: rescue teams and volunteers searched through the rubble for victims. they found several people trapped and lifted them to safety on stretchers. >> there was one hard jolt and then the ground began to roll. >>reporter: the deadly earthquake happened exactly 32 years after the 1985 mexico quake that killed thousands. mexico's president is calling for calm after the earthquake, saying the priority remains rescuing survivors and getting them to medical facilities. that could take some time as many as 44 buildings have
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collapsed in the capital. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, mexico city. >> and this morning president trump tweeted god bless the people of mexico city. we are with you and we'll be there for you. oscar-winning actor forest whitiker tweeted deepest sympathy for the survivors of the mexico earthquake and those in the path of hurricane maria. you can share your thoughts and prayers by joining the conversation on any of our wusa 9 social media pages. virginia vote, you'll head to the polls in november to choose a new governor. the republican and democrat candidates for that office faced off in a debate last night. the first question was about the violence in charlottesville and whether confederate statues should come down. >> my view is that the statues should remain and we should place them in historical context so that people can learn. we have -- don't have to glorify the object of statues, we can educate about them. >> personally i think the statues would be better ac
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historical context, but i am leaving that up to the localities. >> virginia's gubernatorial race is only one of two in the country and it's seen by some as a referendum on the election of president donald trump. president trump, meanwhile, is meeting with world leaders on the sidelines of the united nations general assembly meeting today. and on capitol hill republicans are engaged in a last-ditch effort to repeal and replace obamacare before an upcoming deadline makes it hard to push through. as mola lenghi reports, the president is urging reluctant republicans to get with the program. >>reporter: republicans are cautiously optimistic that they may finally be able to pass a bill to repeal and replace obamacare. >> i've never felt better about where we're at. >>reporter: republican senators lindsey graham and bill cassidy co-wrote the plan. it would eliminate the subsidize making it affordable for people under the affordable care act and give the state as lump sum of money to create their own healthcare systems. >> i believe that
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republicans like the idea of state-controlled healthcare versus washington d.c.- controlled healthcare. >>reporter: but the graham- cassidy bill still has provisions which some republicans object to. conservatives don't like that it would keep some of obamacare's taxes, while some moderates are oposed to the idea that people with pre- existing conditions could end up paying more for healthcare and it would end federal funding for obamacare subsidies and expansion of medicare. >> it would result in me receiving $1 billion less in federal funding for healthcare over the next decade. >>reporter: right now republicans need only 50 votes to pass the plan instead of the normal 60-vote threshold in the senate. but that legislative tool that allows that lower vote is about to expire. >> if we were going to go forward, we would have to act before september 30th. >>reporter: the white house says it's all in to get the bill passed. vice president mike pence was on capitol hill wednesday, and moesident trump tweeted this
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senators will vote for graham- cassidy and fulfill their promise to repeal and replace obamacare. mola lenghi, cbs news, capitol hill. >> republicans can only afford to lose two votes and still pass the bill. so far kentucky senator rand paul says he cannot support the bill. several others remain undecided, including you heard maine senator susan collins, alaska's lisa murkowski and arizona senator john mccain. police in prince george's county are investigating a report of a stranger break-in and sexually assaulting a woman in her own home near the university of maryland campus. during their investigation police also discovered that other people living nearby say someone had broken into their home. all told, three apartments have been broken into along the 4500 block of yoford road, one on september 9th and two on september 16th. >> kind of eye opening to see that there's crimes so close to us and that we have to, you know, be vigila
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always locking our doors. even then it can still happen. >> police still don't know if it's the same man who broke into the three homes, and they still need tips to develop a description for the suspect or suspects. [ thusht ] >>reporter: here's a live look at hurricane maria from first alert doppler. we want to know where is the storm now and where is it headed. meteorologist howard bernstein is tracking its every move. his forecast i
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accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. more voices are joining a call for change. this is about a safety issue in our wusa 9 special assignment unit has led the way in uncovering new details that we reported on for several months. it's horrific crashes
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these involving cars and tractor-trailers. they're called underride crashes. and since we first started investigating this, at least three lawmakers have pledged their support for new laws to protect drivers like you and me. we've learned legislation could be introduced in just a few weeks and family members who have lost loved ones in underride crashes are keeping up the pressure on our elected leaders. investigative reporter erik flack shows us how. >>reporter: so let's remind you what we're talking about here. the push is for laws that would require side guards and stronger rear guards on all tractor-trailers. safety research shows those new regulations could save the lives of hundreds of people who die in underride accidents every year. we showed you that crash test in central virginia that demonstrated the potentially life-saving technology called the angel wing. it stopped a car going 40 miles per hour from sliding underneath the side of the trailer and decapitating the crash test dummy inside. among those looking on that day were moms an
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who lost loved ones in these kinds of accidents. that crowd included lori higanbotham and jennifer. lori lost her son michael just three years ago, the same way in tennessee. they join a chorus of voices nationwide calling for change, and as we reported, those voices include grieving mothers like mary ann who have been going door to door on capitol hill asking lawmakers to support truck underride guard reform that they wrote. the other day higinbotham for the truck safety coalition also visited congressional offices looking for support for a bill that they authored. tierney believes they are closer than ever to getting new laws passed. >> what we're hoping for is that the best bill that will protect people from dying and being injured in these crashes, it moves forward and a bill that honors all
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>>reporter: so you don't really care whether it's your bill or their bill as long as something gets passed? >> we want something passed that is comprehensive. >>reporter: i'm working my sources behind the scenes in this one, but it is still unclear which bill is going to end up on the congressional floor or whether it's going to be a combination of the two bills. we do expect something could be introduced in weeks. one person involved in the process did tell me today it's better to take our time and get this right considering all the lives at stake. erik flack, wusa 9. >> the trucking industry is not completely on board with this plan. one of the reasons, they claim the weight of angel wings side guards would force trucking companies to remove payload and add even hor tractor-trailers on the road which would -- even more tractor-trailers on the road which would erase any of the benefits. fiat chrysler is recalling pickup trucks. the problem is an overheating water pump that co
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fire. ram 2500 and 3500 trucks from the 2013 to 2017 model years are covered, specifically, though, pickups with a 6.7- liter diesel engine. fiat chrysler will respect and replace the water pump if necessary. tracking the tropics. it is a monster still. take a look at this view of hurricane maria from the international space station. the video was shot yesterday as the powerful storm churned through the caribbean before it passed over puerto rico and the virgin islands. tuesday morning maria battered the french island of guadalupe. at least two deaths are reported. and, again, where is it now and where is it going? >> looks like it's just emerging off the puerto rican coast and will head potentially towards the turks and caicos, and we're hoping just east of that, and staying just far enough north of the dominican republic that damage there will be minimal. but puerto rico a direct hit, and we're enjoying beautiful weather. harvey got stuck and that was
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really part of the problem there. but irma and maria have been moving. jose is not moving much. and we're going to see a lovely afternoon, mid-maybe upper 80s this afternoon, wind maybe 10 miles per hour, very comfortable. this time of year we should be near 80 degrees, but, hey, you know, we get what we get, and for the last couple of days of summer, it's going to go out strong with summer. this is jose, spinning here. this is a tropical storm, but it's not a completely tropical storm, it's picking up some what we call extra-tropical characteristics. it is affecting areas, especially in southeastern massachusetts right now. there's a tropical storm warning there around the cape and nantucket and martha's vineyard. winds are jose 70 miles an hour, northeast at 8 on the movement. so it's pushing away from land. but that's at the moment. jose is going to be kind of confused about what to do and where to go. it should weaken some. it still may have 40 to 50-mile- per-hour winds come saturday, but did you notice the track there and then it came back? that means the rip tides are going to stay up at
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powerful, but they're certainly going to be up. east of the storm we've got waves almost 25 to 30 feet. north of the storm 15. but closer to the coast 5 to 8 feet, generally offshore. so we're talking three to five, three to six places like ocean city, rehobeth. with the rip tide risk, probably want to stay out of the water. temps right now in town 81. we've got 78 in readville from jan. near 80 in the shenandoah valley. so really a beautiful day for much of the region with temps in town feeling like 83 thanks to the dewpoints, they're a little sticky out there. those dewpoints in the 60s. big picture has jose east, just a couple of showers from ohio into west virginia, extreme southwestern virginia and we'll be in between those two, that piece of energy. so we hit high and dry today. tomorrow looks pretty good, as we get into friday perhaps a few more clouds kind of come our way and that may knock temperatures down a bit. but i think we're going to stay dry for quite a while. here's another look at maria ng
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coast. it looks like the eye which cot obscured over land is on the north coast. there's a closer look. you can see that there. we'll see the storm move off to the northwest. there's the dominican republic. if the eyewall stays offshore, it won't be as bad as if the eyewall gets onshore. we're thinking the eyewall will stay just offshore. look, getting stronger here into tomorrow. i don't think it'll get much stronger than that before making the turn, a little bit more wind shear, a little water, so a slow weakening is expected. monday morning east of charleston, south carolina. after that it will be passing maybe 100 miles offshore of hatteras in the mid-atlantic 100 to 200 miles into early next week. something we have to watch at the moment. don't think maria will be visiting the east coast, but too close for comfort. 87 today, warm and dry. tonight 70 in town, 60 the coolest in the suburbs. tomorrow 86, again, warm and dry. the breeze is not up that much here in the next
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days, northeasterly to easterly. fall begins friday 4:02 in the afternoon. this weekend, lots of going on this year, the byson a home game. looks great on saturday, on the warm side. looks good for the burgundy and gold. highs on monday still in the low- to mid-80s.
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not -- not bad at all, a little for this time of year, 78. we'll be in the mid- to upper 80s through friday and through the weekend, actually. maybe a shower next week. >> we'll take it. that's it for wusa 9 news at noon. we at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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